MSC Svalbard

MSC Svalbard
MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard MSC Svalbard

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The designer of this sea kayak is Jan van Sluis. This sea kayak with V-profile is designed for riders with a weight of 90 kg. It is made with two sizes of cockpit: Svalbard G has a 38/73 cm, Svalbard E 38/54 inches. Deck Svalbard G and E to support the inner thighs profiles on board for good stability driver in critical situations at sea. Standard equipment is a set of self-adhesive foam pads for the possibility of defining the width of the hips and seat cushions deck at the knees. Also comes standard with adjustable backrest and adjustable pedals. The front and rear decks are self-sealing tip of the handle. Kayaks are optional skeg fitted very precise design, Finnish Navigator ® rudder, rudder Smart-Track ™ control system, pedal pump Henderson®GB, integrated compass Silva 70P to drain water from the compass housing, so there is the watering and the illegibility when ride the waves, or removable compass Suunto Orca ®. The front luggage space of 110 liters is accessible floating circular lid Valley GB diameter 18 cm. The rear of the ship is divided into watertight partition into two rooms with a capacity of 160 liters (oval floating lid Valley GB 41x23 cm) and 35 liters (circular floating lid Valley GB 18 cm). On request we can put aboard a ship inside a small emergency trunk Superior kneetubes positioned between the rider's knees and accessible waterproof cap with a diameter of 10 cm from the deck. The boat is available in three quality classes Exclusive (19 kg), Kevlar ® (17 kg) and Top Carbon (14 kg). Exclusive class is fiberglass sandwich composite, wherein the sandwich is almost throughout the bottom and deck. Kayak in the classroom Exclusive is the cheapest but full-featured category with stiffness comparable with Carbon Top class ships, but a higher weight. Class Kevlar ® is made of Kevlar ® and glass fibers, wherein the proportion of the individual fibers is about 1:1. Even in this class is sandwich almost the entire surface. Kevlar fibers in the construction significantly increases the resistance against penetration kayaking and significantly reduce its weight. Top Class Carbon is made of kevlar-carbon epoxy composite thermal dotvrzeného a sandwich Herex ® over the entire surface ship. Kayak in this class is very strong, extremely lightweight shell design is identical to the top racing kayak on wild water. Due to the materials used, the ship is heavily pierced and extremely sensitive to the fine control.

délka 5,35 m
šířka 55 cm
výška 33 cm


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